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How Vik Bansal Built InfraBuild

InfraBuild is a leading manufacturer, distributor, and recycler of steel based in Australia. It is currently led by Vik Bansal as its CEO and managing director. Vik Bansal works to ensure the transformation of the waste management sector. He also believes in the reawakening of both the recycling industry and the manufacturing industry that can lead to Australia achieving a sustainable economy.

Corona Virus and Manufacturing Sector

The manufacturing sector in Australia has undergone significant changes over the years. Australia was previously reliant on local production during the 90s which changed to reliance on the international markets. The coronavirus pandemic shut down the international market which posed a great challenge to the manufacturing industry.

The Australian government introduced the Modern Manufacturing Initiative intending to invest and create strategies that assist in ensuring a sustainable manufacturing industry. A growing domestic manufacturing sector would present employment opportunities and encourage high revenue output that in turn increase economic growth.

InfraBuild applies low-carbon manufacturing techniques to ensure the sustainability of the environment. Using their signature GREEN STEEL manufacturing approach that entails recycling scrap metal they ensure reduction of waste going to the environment. It also saves on resources by using the scrap metal feedstock as energy for making steel.

Through Bansal’s leadership, InfraBuild is committed to improving efficiency and capability in the supply chain industry. It also aims at taking advantage of the opportunity presented by the Modern Manufacturing Initiative to provide locally available manufactured products. Vik Bansal ascertains that a robust manufacturing industry is what Australia needs to assist in moving past the pandemic and achieving greater heights.

Career Life

Besides being the CEO of InfraBuild, Vik Bansal has also led other industrial organizations in similar capacities. He also had previously worked with Cleanaway as its CEO from 2015-2021 and Valmont Industries from 2012-2015.