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ClassDojo Builds A Robust Teaching App After Consultation With Teachers

After consulting various teachers for several months, ClassDojo is now live. This new classroom app is the next big thing in the teaching fraternity. According to Cindy Price, a teacher, handling pupils in their first grade is one of the beneficiaries. She says that each weekday, before the pupils congregate for class; she has a session with ClassDojo. When her colleagues heard that Price is using ClassDojo, they thought that she was kidding with some making fun of her that she does not have the ability to teach her pupils and that she has forgotten what she learnt in university.

However, Ms. Price is not alone in this, each morning, thousands, even tens of thousands of teachers around the world who now know the app have decided to use the online teaching app saying it makes things easy. According to Ms. Price, the teaching app serves many purposes. “The main reason why I have to fire my ClassDojo app each morning is to see if any parent has left me a note informing me the whereabouts of their kid. Some parents, whenever there is an emergency, key in a message on the app saying their child is sick and that I should not expect the pupil. That makes things easy,” the teacher says.

Besides, Ms. Price says ClassDojo is more of an aid where parents, teachers and pupils get to communicate. “In the event that a pupil shows spectacular signs such as overly attentive, keen, listening, and any other peculiar but good sign, we get to press a button that relates to what the pupil has done. The parents and the child get to see what the teacher has commented, it definitely motivates the child thus improving the performance. To me, this app is what we should have had since we started,” says Ms. Price.

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