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Dr. Bharat Lall is an expert at distinguishing and uncovering problems, pointing out their sources, and solving them systematically hence correcting how things function. Despite being a trained medical practitioner, He does not focus on the medical field but has been a business person in the hospitality sector. He began by buying a motor inn in California and now runs a successful company that overlooks over 1500 keys and seven eateries across nine possessions.

Identical to the human body, hotels practically function in the same way. For the success of it, all subsections must work hand in hand in unity and collaboration. When one section fails in its operations, it may negatively affect the other sections bringing about a failure in the whole business. Dr. Bharat Lall put the skill he learned in medical school and applied it in the business sector, which has greatly influenced his success in this field. He now focuses on finding hotels that are not doing that well in the industry and turning them into successful associations.

Recently, his expertise has exhibited itself in the remodeled Hilton Richardson property. It was under the management of Hyatt Regency before Bharat took it over. Dr. Bharat took advantage of its top-tier location and rebranded it as he knew this property would bring in a lot of money, bringing about success.

Dr. Lall believes that a hotel may fail due to several reasons, the main one being taking up too many loans and later lacking the means to pay. This is related directly to poor management and poor choices of brands leading to a decrease in demand.

Barry works as the CEO of Pinnacle Hotels based in the USA. He studied at Glasgow University, a medical school. He shifted to the US and began his Hotel entrepreneurial journey in 1982, and through his passion and determination, he has expanded his work all over the US.

Learn more about Dr.Barry Lall: http://www.aboutbharatlall.info/