Swiss Startup Factory Co Founder Mike Baur

Mike Baur is currently an entrepreneur who co founded the company Swiss Startup Factory. He started up this company back in the year 2014 which allowed him to build on his experience of helping entrepreneurs reach their full potential. The company provides mentorship and coaching to a number of entrepreneurs. This allows them to get in the best position to attain consistent success. Baur has also participated in startup investing in which he invested his funds in new emerging companies. This endeavor lasted for one decade prior to starting up his own company. At the very beginning of his career, Mike worked in the banking industry where he would help businesses with their financing needs. Therefore, Mike has built a solid foundation of working with startup companies.


Baur’s experiences during the course of his career closely tie in to each other. When he first started his career, he would provide advice and assistance to entrepreneurs who were seeking financing. Mike looked over and evaluated the financial situation and potential for a business and then decide to give them financing in the form of loans. This would allow businesses to obtain the funds necessary to fulfill their objectives of growth and expansion.


After twenty years working in the banking sector, Baur would move on to begin investing in startup companies. During this time in his career, Mike would spend his own capital on new businesses and wait to get profitable returns. For Mike, he was able to make considerable amount of money with this activity. By earning a lucrative income with this activity, Baur was convinced that startup companies are very profitable and have lots of potential. Investing in startup companies was the final step in propelling Mike to entrepreneurship.


Shortly after his stint as an investor, Mike started up Swiss Startup Factory. The company adopted an innovative business model that emphasizes banking and consulting. Baur’s company regularly holds and event where a number of entrepreneurs can present their idea for a business. Mike evaluates each idea and then chooses ones that have the most potential for success. Once a given business is chosen, it will receive guidance and assistance during its existence. Swiss Startup Factory will provide advice on how to manage debt, arrange financing, track financial transactions, use more effective marketing methods and improve products and services. These forms of assistance have proven to help many entrepreneurs ensure that their businesses succeed.



U.S. Money Reserve Revamps Website and Releases Rare Coin Catalog


U.S. Money Reserve has recently announced the release of its new and updated online website The site, focusing on core values such as trust and commitment to customers, intends to set the standard of the precious metals industry. The site was completely redesigned and boasts new features, a new coin gallery, and impressive photography. Philip N. Diehl, previous U.S. Mint Director, serves as the current President of U.S. Money Reserve. The site aims to educate consumers on the benefits of government issued bullion and overall improve the rare coin purchasing experience.


The online store currently offers live competitive pricing updates on both gold and silver coins and bars. The site also offers PCGS certified coins and other exclusive precious metals. Customers have the option of receiving a free gold information kit and can visit the knowledge center for more information regarding the minting, grading, and purchasing of rare metals. The newly revamped Full Headline Gold News Room provides readers with the latest news from the precious metals market.


U.S. Money Reserve utilizes Client-Connect Advantage to contact clients for one-on-one consults, notify users of special releases, and assist with secure online transactions. The site offers a BuyBack Guarantee which is regarded as one of the best return policies in the industry. A full value 30-day refund combined with one of the fastest insured shipping methods is making a sure stop for precious metal buyers.


Founded in 2001, U.S. Money Reserve is a leading private distributor of U.S. Government issued precious metals including gold, silver, and platinum. Serving hundreds of thousands of clients across the nation, the company is one of the world’s largest private distributors of both US and foreign precious metals. Diversifying assets in the form of U.S. gold and silver has been a growing trend in recent years.


Based out of Austin, Texas, U.S. Money Reserve has a specially trained team focusing on coin research and market knowledge to find products that offer the best returns to their clients. The company leads the industry by providing unmatched levels of customer service and is known for their long-term customer relationships.