Juan Monteverde: Noble Fighter

Juan Monteverde has spent his career as an attorney advocating for shareholders’ rights, with a history of excellence in its work. He is the founding and managing partner of Monteverde & Associates PC, specializing in high-profile mergers and acquisitions, often representing victims of corporate fraud. His firm has extensive work and successful work regarding securities litigation and executive compensation and has even appealed at levels up to the U.S Supreme Court.

Juan Monteverde graduated from Cal. State with a BS and St. Thomas University School of law, cum laude, with a JD, and spent ten years building a robust network and reputation at a firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions. Naturally hard working and successful, he started his firm ten years later. Juan Monteverde’s hard-working reputation and good standing in his network meant his firm was profitable from the beginning.

Juan Monteverde’s confidence lies in his belief that attorneys should always fight for their clients and focus on getting them the best results. His marketing strategy is a follow-up strategy to his success in court. A long-time believer in the power of the internet, he believes in letting the world know about his client’s success through digital technology.

Juan Monteverde says his proudest achievement is making the top 50 list of class action securities firms in the U.S., giving his firm national recognition in 2019. Work and more work is Juan Monteverde’s secret sauce to success. He cannot emphasize enough how important it is to finish work promptly, especially in the world of litigation.

His work ethic, focus on good relationships with peers, and being a fighter for his clients are best summed up by his favorite book, Don Quixote. Juan Monteverde says the book’s inspiration is that sometimes you must fight things others do not see and that the fight can be a noble one and can serve to give meaning to life and work.

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