How Pamela Baer’s Input Has Helped Nest Flourish

In a world where there is a drastic change in the type of jobs people are getting into, empowering a craft-based economy has been one of the main goals that most entrepreneurs are getting themselves into. These companies and individuals have established that there are unmatched opportunities in this sector, and it is only fitting that people take advantage of such opportunities. One such organization is Nest, a non-profit company based in the United States.

Since its inception, Nest has been empowering the craft-based economy by offering educational programs and tools to female artisans. Its success has mainly been attributed to the input of Pam Baer, the company’s main advisory board member and philanthropist. According to Pam Baer, the organization’s success has been attributed to the following factors.

Investing in the Handcrafted Sector

Pamela Baer attributes the organization’s success to its ability to invest in a sector that has not been unperturbed. According to Pamela Baer, the handicraft sector has unmatched potential as it affords women the opportunity to work remotely from their homes. Additionally, the sector has overseen the preservation of working opportunities that are unique to different cultures.

Working with Etsy

Nest partnered with Etsy as part of a new program aimed at promoting online marketing. The partnership has helped its members to design handwoven baskets that incorporate the design and style used by west African communities to weave baskets. The handwoven baskets rely on various techniques, such as bulrush, palmetto palm materials, pine needles, and sweetgrass. The partnership has been instrumental as it has overseen the contribution of over $75,000 that has helped communities excel.

Covid-19 Relief Grants

The federal government has recognized the impact that Covid-19 has had on businesses. As such, the government has issued out grants to small businesses as a way of helping them get by in these tough economic times. The handicraft sector is one of the sectors that the government has invested heavily. For example, according to Palmer Baer, Nest has helped its members through the Artisan Guild Members groups by launching the Covid-19 relief grant scheme. Through this scheme, financial and educational aid will be offered to Nest members to help them build their e-commerce platforms and enhance their marketing efforts. The support provided to these members has been massive as it has empowered their craft and enhanced their marketing efforts. Refer to this article for related information.


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