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Yuri Milner – Breakthrough Junior Challenge

The Breakthrough Junior Challenge is a competition held annually around the globe. The challenge is designated for students aged 13 to 18 to empower creative thinking about science. Students are invited to submit their original videos, which are between 1 to 30 minutes long. The submissions should be able to depict the student’s ability to bring theories and concepts in physics, mathematics, and life sciences to real life. Once the student submits their videos, they are judged based on their ability to explain science’s complex ideas in illuminating, engaging, and imaginative ways. Julia and Yuri Milner founded Breakthrough Prize Foundation and are organizers of the global challenge. The foundation was part of Julia and Yuri’s giving pledge to support the communication of scientific ideas and science at large.

Breakthrough Prize was introduced to honor very crucial advancements in the fields of life sciences, fundamental physics, and mathematics. The prize is sponsored by iconic foundations launched by Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg, Anne Wojcicki, Yuri and Julia Milner, and Sergey Brin. Breakthrough Prize aims to make future scientists sustainable while celebrating the current top-tier scientific work.


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When a student submits their work, it can take any form such as documentary, talking head, dramatic reconstruction, and animation. A student, however, should always remember that a video is a dynamic visual medium; therefore, it should use simulations, diagrams, or physical demonstrations. When a student includes such dynamic visuals in the video, it becomes more effective than standing in front of a board, explaining and more