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Tenant Representation Firm Hughes Marino

Hughes Marino expanded its operations by establishing a Denver branch to its array of facilities such as San Francisco, New York and Seattle. This, notwithstanding the Covid-19 pandemic having a devastating impact on most U.S.-based enterprises. Hughes Marino acknowledges that commercial property investment was the furthest thing from anyone’s thinking after the pandemic struck.


Along with its partners, Hughes Marino immediately began the triage process. The representation firm then instituted regular brokerage public meetings to increase enthusiasm. Also, to maintain the Hughes Marino group oriented on how to aid customers with the swift adjustments the industry was undergoing both locally and nationally.


Hughes Marino CEO split his time between inspiring his employees and spending millions on the firm’s technologies. The firm admitted that his group had the right resources, encouragement, and direction to succeed. To assist Hughes Marino’s customers in renegotiating their contracts, Hughes strategically decided to get in touch with them.


The firm continued to focus on the problems of distressed renters as he observed most landowners go into litigation mode. Hughes Marino, the brokers that counseled thousands of customers, realized that most of its smaller customers couldn’t manage the same luxury, whereas trillion-dollar firms may survive years without revenue.

Hughes Marino has adhered to its initial goal of methodically growing and keeping a fantastic business for the long term. The representation firm is also quite appreciative of his group’s steadfastness and durability. One fact is inevitable: Hughes’ desire to aid his customers and staff has only strengthened after sharing such a trying time during the epidemic.