Eli Gershkovitch: CEO of Steamworks Craft Breweries

Eli Gershkovitch is the Chief Executive Officer of Steamworks Group of Companies. Steamworks boasts a large market base of up to 14 states in America, several provinces in Canada, and other nations abroad including Switzerland and Germany. However, many might think that Eli’s journey to success and fame was easy which is not true! Eli Gerskovitch has earned his success through patience and gradual build up. It all had started from a brew pub before it developed many years afterward to become a brewery. When he started, Eli Gershkovitch was both short of space and capital (CalgaryHerald). He had to increase the number of seats from 184 to 754. He later set up a shop at a nearby water-front station before going back to Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar. He knew that he could not establish a change in his business in just a single day, week, or month. This is why each day he grows piece by piece adding the desired ingredients to Steamwork just as they become available.


In 2003, Elli Gershkovitch found a breakthrough. He expanded his business by opening a full-scale brewery that channeled a lot of funds to the business. The rates of revenue shot up by a massive 50 percent. This is what proved key to unlocking the hidden markets of the United States. His sales territory was now large and not limited to Water Street only but the whole globe. Eli Gershkovitch belief is that in the market you only have two options, either one is flexible to meet the demand, or the demand will become flexible enough and meet you.

Craft beer in Canada has become the talk on almost every lip. This is the current booming business in the Northern America. Some of the top rated beers include Peche Mortel, La fin du monde, Nectarius, and much more. The best breed and option for a vast number of people is the Peche Mortel. It is a world class beer that is of American Double style. Its alcoholic content is a mere 9.5 percent hence does not make someone feel high. However, its richness is hidden in its pronounced roasted taste. It is made bitter with a stout style to ensure it can be preserved for long periods.

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