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 Frances Townsend: A True Genius

Townsend spent over a decade working in the Department of Justice, and she’s received numerous awards for her service. She currently chairs two public companies: Chubb Insurance Corporation (a director) & Freeport-McMoRan Copper& Gold Incorporated, where they serve on compliance committees. Fran is now an executive vice president at Activision Blizzard.

The company’s Corporate Secretary for government affairs & public policy is responsible for leading communications efforts across all areas, including legal matters, labor relations/relationships with employees, and internal audit compliance issues.

Fran has an extensive resume, including her involvement with several non-profit boards and organizations. She currently sits on the Co umbrella’s Independent Task Force. In this thrilling true story, five years after 9/11 and just days before America’s emergency was set to happen in London- an attack which would have been comparable to 9/11. President George W Bush heard about a plot against passenger planes from England. At the request of President George W Bush, Frances Townsend took charge, and her team was able to track al-Qaida’s plans that came close to causing an immense disaster in 2006. Intelligence agencies worldwide worked together to stop a planned terrorist attack on civilians.

British intelligence agencies watched a well-known terrorist cell, and they noticed that they were suspicious. Frances Fragos Townsend took charge, asking the British intelligence if they knew how many people were in this cell. In addition, she wanted to know who these terrorists’ associates have been communicating with them recently and whether any suspect had friends or family working for transportation companies like airlines.

The British were irritated when a lady in Washington started bossing them around. She would not let go of what was happening and got on everyone’s nerves, but since their airplanes would soon float across an ocean, it made sense to solve this problem. However, her urgency saved the day.

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