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Roy Beck

NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation was established by Roy Beck, who also serves as the organization’s President and CEO. He received his degree from the Journalism school at the University of Missouri and was among the first newspaper journalist in the country to cover environmental issues. During his twenty years as a newspaper reporter, he was honored with more than two dozen prizes for his reportage on topics including the environment, commercials, and spirituality.

In 1991, Roy Beck began working as a policy advisor specializing in immigration and demography concerns for the United States government. He is the author of four books, including ones on immigrants and refugees, the surroundings, and the employment market in the United States, as well as books on morality, spirituality, and policy making.

In addition to being a co-author on a number of studies on sprawl, his research has been featured in a large number of periodicals, including scholarly journals, newspapers, and journals. In 1996, he established NumbersUSA with the intention of carrying out the immigration suggestions of two major councils, one of which was a bipartisan legislative council presided by former Representative Barbara Jordan, and another of which was a presidential council headed by former Senator Tim Wirth. The article that Roy Beck wrote for the Atlantic Monthly about the challenges that come with having a large immigrant population in a relatively small city was selected by the Encyclopedia Britannica to be included in a volume of the Annals of America as among the most significant pieces of writing to come out of the 1990s.

As an immigration specialist, he has given interviews for a large number of different media outlets, including hundreds of television shows, radio shows, congressional investigations, university conferences, think tank and symposium boards, and presenter’s discussion boards. In 1972, Roy Beck was honored with the Army Commendation Medal for Non-Combat Service from the United States Army. United Methodist Sunday school teaching in Ohio, Texas, and Virginia; providing food and mass transit help and support to low-income immigrants and other individuals; clothing wardrobes for children living in inner cities in Dallas, Michigan; care homes in Columbia, Missouri; etc. His history of charitable leadership includes all of these and more. Since the year 1990, he has been the leader of a yearly week-long tour for young teens during which they build houses for Habitat for Civilization and rehab the residences of elderly people living in poverty. Visit this page to learn more.


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Roy Beck

Roy Beck was born on 12 July 1948, in Ozarks in America. He schooled at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. He was an author. He was a chief correspondent in Washington for Booth Newspapers. Roy founded NumbersUSA in 1996 where he was the president. The aim of the company was to carry out the immigration recommendations of two commissions. One commission was a bi-partisan and the other commission was presidential. NumbersUSA was an online network organization.

Roy worked as a journalist for 30 years. He won the U.S. Army Commendation Medal in 1972 for his journalism work on urban expansion and population issues, and for bus and religion. Roy Beck was on staff with Grand Rapids Press, Cincinnati Enquirer, and Columbia Missourian, the reporters for United Methodist and the Newhouse Newspaper chain’s Washington bureau.

Mr. Beck has written books like “On Thin Ice” and “Prophets and Politics”. These books are based on religion, ethics, and public policy. He has also written two books on immigration; “Re- Charting America’s Future” and “The Case Against Immigration: The moral, economic, social and environmental reasons for reducing immigration back to traditional levels”

Roy Beck was also the editor of Tanton’s journal, The Social Contract. Beck was aware of the racism of Tanton and most leaders in Tanton organizations. The journal published extremists from Muslim bashers, white nationalists, and also other extremists. He was introduced to John Trevor Jr by Tanton. Roy drafted the racist 1924 Immigration Act with the help of John Trevor Jr.’s father.

Roy Beck was a philanthropist. He donated clothes for children of Dallas, Grand Rapids, Mich., nursing homes from Columbia, and United Methodist school teaching. He offered food and transport assistance to immigrants. He also led annual trips for teenagers, built houses for the sake of humanity, and rehabilitated homes for the elderly. Refer to this page for related information.


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