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The Future of Digital Education with IM Academy

IM Academy is an online forex educator based in New York City. The institution has created education standards that have worked for students globally. Its resources have been built to give quality education to students.

Background Information of IM

IM Academy first opened up its website in 2008. It was founded by two entrepreneurs. Christopher Terry and Isis De la Torre believed in creating a platform that was accessible to all. They believed that they could offer education that would empower students to financial literacy. Their main mission was achieving financial independence for all their active students.

Future of Digital Education

Digital education has become a field that many institutions have converted towards. Many students are able to access such education regardless of their location. IM has tapped into this concept. It offers only online sessions. It believes that access to education will become a great necessity for many students. is a skill that is highly sought after. Students with information on how to trade can become financially independent. IM Academy believes that an increase in digital education of forex trading will improve the lives of many people.

How IM Achieves its Objective

IM is specifically a learning platform for students. It is not involved in investing for students. This means that it is not under any regulation. IM Academy has classified its learning resources into four academies. They include topics covering high frequency exchange, forex markets and e-commerce markets.

A student is required to choose one academy and pay its subscription fee. The subscription covers all the resources available in that academy. IM has also provided for the option of paying for all the academies given a substantial discount. Students learn specifically through video modules and live trading sessions. The number of video modules range from each academy to another. A student will gain expert rank once they are done with the videos and live sessions. Refer to this article for more information.


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