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Drive and Determination makes Frances Townsend a success

By every sense of measure, Frances Townsend, currently the executive vice president for corporate affairs at Activision Blizzard, has a career full of positive successes behind her 59 years of life.

And it started as far back as age 11 when she became determined to be an altar boy with the Catholic Church despite the position being denied to females. Frances wrote the local bishop, the cardinal, and even the Vatican positioning for the role. And when that didn’t work she even tried dressing up as a boy, only to be caught.

Although she never achieved her ambition as an 11-year-old, Frances always had the drive and ambition to succeed. So she became the first high school graduate in her family, then graduated from university, and finally followed that up with law school.

After law school, she served as a powerful prosecutor in New York City, first at the local level and then as a United States Federal Prosecutor, putting away many white-collar and organized crime participants.

This led Frances Townsend becoming Assistant Commandant for Intelligence for the U.S. Coast Guard, and then assistant to President George W. Bush for homeland security and counterterrorism.

During the 9/11 attack, Frances was constantly under the gun providing a threat assessment to the president.

Later on, to have a more balanced work/family life, Frances moved back to working in the corporate field, and she says that her current position at Activision Blizzard pretty much uses the same skills she acquired earlier in life and she says that being one of or the only woman in the executive boardroom is never intimidating for a woman who is willing to work tirelessly to achieve her aims.

Mitto AG Recent Study Release

Mitto AG is a company that specializes in helping businesses optimize their customer experience. They offer various services, including website design and development, online marketing, and more. Their team of experts constantly explores new technologies and trends in the digital world to help clients succeed. Their Co-Founder and COO, Ilja Gorelik, is passionate about helping businesses grow and succeed online.

Mitto SMS

The global customer experience management company, Mitto AG, found new research that bad customer experiences are more costly to businesses than delivery delays. A study of 76% of Americans said that they had ended a relationship with a company after a bad customer experience. They also found that 54% of respondents would never do business with a company again after a bad customer experience.

Mitto Announces Addition of Customer Engagement Channels - CX Today

For businesses looking to improve their customer experience, Gorelik advises taking a holistic approach. By taking a holistic approach to customer experience, businesses can ensure that they are providing a positive, seamless journey for their customers. And as the research shows, this can result in loyal, satisfied customers who will continue to do business with the company.

The study also looked at how customers worldwide prefer to communicate with brands. The findings showed that live chat is the most popular form of communication, with 40% of respondents saying they prefer this method. This was followed by email 38%, phone 34%, and social media 32%.

By offering multiple communication channels, businesses can reach more customers and provide a better customer experience. Live chat is a great option for those who prefer a quick, personal interaction. And for those who prefer a more asynchronous form of communication, email and social media are great options.

Andrew Frame “The Tech And Entrepreneurship Guru”

At the heart of Citizen App, the first app to merge location data with 911 intelligence is Andrew Frame, the app’s CEO and founder and a serial entrepreneur. Frame’s main aim was to keep the users and their loved ones safe in an era when digital technologies encounter challenges such as digital attacks.

Frame defied odds such as age and become a pacesetter in the tech and entrepreneurship fields. At the tender age of 15, he established his pioneering technology firm, an Internet Service Provider, which later became the market leader in Las Vegas. Two years later, he became a support engineer of Cisco Systems, where he attained dual CCIE Certifications, a renowned technical accreditation at Cisco. In so doing, he became the youngest individual ever to gain this recognition.

Like many individuals, the pandemic has caused changes in their day-to-day routines. Andrew Frame has welcomed adjustments such as becoming more productive at the onset of each working day. He utilizes his strengths in Product, which includes meeting with Product Managers on a majority of the days to discuss and track their progress alongside their goals.

For Andrew Frame, having a team is the epicenter of success. He surrounds himself with people who are brilliant and driven by a mission. His team at Citizen comprises some of the most thoughtful and proficient people he has ever had the opportunity to interact with. In addition, Andrew Frame makes significant efforts to introduce all of his ideas to life. His underlying objective is to prioritize strategies to ensure they align with Citizen’s vision.

All work and no play… Andrew Frame believe that his entrepreneurial productivity is tied to his passions outside his work setting. This includes inspiration derived from being an avid reader of film, poetry, and literature. Hobbies are essential; the entrepreneur and tech guru advocates for people to learn and take on new hobbies. He also utilizes feedback as a core business strategy.

Key Takeaways

Teamwork is a fundamental aspect that promotes organizational success. It is crucial to welcome change, adopt and unearth new hobbies, and utilize feedback keenly. Visit this page to learn more.


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Andrew Frame Changes His Mind, Takes Citizen App To Kansas City From New York City

The decision to relocate Citizen App headquarters from New York City to Kansas City did not come easy. According to Andrew Frame, the Citizen App and Ooma founder, the decision to migrate his company’s headquarters from where it has been for many years to a different city was as important as it was when he founded Citizen App in 2017.

Before Andrew Frame started his security and safety alert app, Andrew Frame had gained enough experience. First, it was as a support engineer when he worked at Cisco Systems and later junior technical engineer at Global Center of Expertise.

Andrew Frame who was born in Las Vegas opted to live in different cities away from home, something that seems to be the reason why he set up his company headquarters away from home. Before he founded Citizen App, Andrew had tried other startups, which proved successful.

His first company, which he founded when he was barely 17, a telecommunications consumer company later became a huge company. Two years earlier, Andrew Frame had also started a small internet service company that supplied its clients with internet services. The two companies made a name for the serial entrepreneur who has since become one of the aggressive and perhaps successful young entrepreneurs.

Although Andrew Frame has already made the decision to relocate his company’s headquarters from New York City to Kansas City, Citizen App remains one of the best safety alert mobile-first apps. Hitherto, the company has attracted more than 8 million subscribers across the United States. The app, which was initially referred to as Vigilante, combined personal-fetched intel from 911 with the user’s location to send security alerts to a Citizen App employee.

In the event the user and the employee ascertain that there is a security threat to the user, the employee escalates the matter to the 911 for appropriate safety action. Refer to this page for more information.


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Steph Korey, an Angel Investor Discusses the 2022 Business Trends and Advises New Investors

The investment landscape in the United States works in three fundamental sections which include economic factors, stakeholders’ resources, objectives, and future investment targets. These components contribute a lot to decision-making in different investments. Steph Korey is a victorious investor and a business person who implements angel investment accordingly.


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Steph Korey also stressed the need for advising people on the projected and present investment shifts. Moreover, before concluding on investing, one should examine and analyze the marketing efforts. Therefore, Steph Korey described some business trends which could influence investors’ input in the fiscal market.

The spread of COVID-19 affected the American economy. The pandemic resulted in lockdowns which affected the transport and trade sectors; therefore, resulting in the closure of firms. However, this year, many investors believe that the affected market will get back to the original position it was before the pandemic.

This will not only boost trade but also the transport sector. Other trade zones will also reap heavily from the growing United States economy. Also, new pandemic variants like Omicron and Delta have raised other lockdown threats like what was witnessed before. However, medical experts are investigating these variants to determine their potential effects.

Although COVID-19 is still surging, investors should know that markets are now thriving thanks to the U.S. economy that is slowly reopening. In 2021, inflation slowed down the American economy. For instance, many items registered notable price hikes because even grocery stores had revised their charges. Throughout 2021, gas prices were rising steadily.

In the new year, the expanding economy is expected to increase to cause more economic struggles. High-end financial circles are more concerned about how inflation will affect the market dynamics in the future because they will be disrupted to suffer from severe downturns. Also, in 2022, the supply chain issues are projected to continue.

Angel Investor Steph Korey Highlights 2022 Investment Trends

Steph Korey’s Take on What Investors Need to look out for in 2022.

Steph Korey’s prowess in early-stage investments and entrepreneurship has seen her provide insightful analysis of market trends to prospective investors and entrepreneurs. A resident of New York City, Korey has made it her mission to ensure she is ever up to date with financial and stock markets trends. Steph Korey’s vast experience and direct-to-consumer marketing skills have seen her grow as a professional and help entrepreneurs in their quest for success. The acclaimed investor holds a Bachelor of Arts in International relations fueled by her multi-cultural upbringing and an MBA from Columbia University.


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Steph Korey, who has consistently been involved with angel investments, insists on market analysis and having facts right before making an investment decision. Despite the omicron and delta variants posing a threat, Korey agrees that financial markets and, more specifically, stock markets have continued to do well with the fully opened up US economy. However, an increase in interest rates is likely to occur at least twice in 2022, and this could cause turbulence in the futures market. Negative impacts on the economy could also render a review of monetary policies that could alter stocks’ performance. According to Steph Korey, inflation, supply chain issues, and the shortage of computer chips that play an integral role in automobile and electronics production are also likely to carry on before the economy stabilizes.

Steph Korey cautions investors that investing comes with uncertainty. The first step for any intelligent investor is to seek a qualified investment advisor. Assessing an advisor’s qualifications and necessary background checks is crucial before engaging one. Completing a pre-investment checklist, elimination of high-interest personal debt, having an investment schedule in place, and finally recognizing the value of failure and reexamining one’s strategies are the subsequent steps in investing wisely.

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Why Andrew Frame is Productive

Andrew Frame, the young and influential technology expert behind Citizen App is always looking forward to using the latest technologies in his businesses. The talented executive says that he is very excited about the way everyone in the world has embraced the mobile technology. The young company leader says that there are over four billion smartphones being used in the international community. Without these devices, people would not be able to accomplish so much.

The executive creates most of his businesses online because he understands the importance of technology in modern achievements. Citizen App, for instance, is online based, and it is helping people with their basic safety needs through their mobile devices. When people can access safety information through their smartphones, they can make informed decisions and avoid getting into problems when running their errands.

Just like all other successful entrepreneurs in the American community, Andrew Frame maintains some unique daily habits. First, the talented young professional wakes up very early, and he uses his morning hours wisely. The executive gives his passion in every department a special consideration.

Andrew Frame believes that these passions help in making him successful and productive. While other entrepreneurs only read technology and business information for their productivity, Andrew Frame gives literature and poetry the first position. Andrew is also passionate about films, and he gives them a place in his tight schedule. The productive leader involves everyone in his team in his activities so that they can enjoy being part of his company.

These employees are also allowed to practice their passions at work and while away. When an employee joins the Citizen team, they are asked to list down their favorite hobbies so that they can enjoy working. This culture is not common in other organizations, but it is what leads to the success of the business leader. Go here for related Information.


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