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New Cloud Inventory That Offers Integration Solutions To CRM

Data Systems International is now the leading provider, offering innovative inventory solutions to companies’ management, like Field Inventory Management. It has been announced that it will provide a Cloud Inventory to offer Field Inventory Integration with Solutions as well as Customer Relationship Management for Salesforce. The users of the Salesforce will have the chance to implement applications for the Field Inventory.

Cloud Inventory will capture some of the field and integrate it, and also come with accurate data information on some of the equipment, inventory, and tools that were used to control work orders services and some of the field tickets.

Salesforce is a company that has some of the Cloud Inventory applications. It provides CRM with some of its services and also a suite of complimentary enterprise applications. For Salesforce to be able to optimize some of its side services, the DSI is offering them a chance to integrate the Salesforce application into field inventory. The field of inventory management was the first to come up with a platform for mobile devices. This Field Inventory was designed to allow the users a chance to access different locations and also states in the field of inventory currently.

With the use of this field inventory, customers of the sales can now be issued with order services and monitor the inventory, labor, and tools used when this application was composited to become an accessible mobile device. With the feature to keep track of inventory and different tools in real time in this field, the users of this platform have a chance to optimize the systems of the CRM.

The field Inventory management helps application users control different inventories just within the four walls of their businesses. By doing this, it helps businesses grow fast due to revenue increases and, at times, helps in reducing cash flow time on their business and also how the cash is spent. See this article for more information.


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Cloud Inventory Products from DSI to support your business

Data Systems International developed inventory tracking solutions that have proven over time to make businesses run efficiently. The experts who developed the solutions considered different challenges that business owners face when running them. Through field inventory management, users can easily track the progress of their tools and the service delivery at the field. It contributes to making users get the best results as they work on different solutions.

Track state and location of inventory

The Field Inventory Solution can be applied to track the location of raw materials and other forms of inventory that they need to keep businesses running. The application of the latest technology has proven to contribute to making business owners keep track of their systems. Count on the different software solutions from the company to keep your business processes running smoothly.

Control inventory in the warehouse

The Warehouse Inventory solutions are constructive in giving you full control of your warehouse processes. Several processes run in the warehouses. You will be in control of the different systems after you turn to the inventory solutions that the experts have developed. The experts employ the latest technology to keep the systems running efficiently. Manufacturing materials can be tracked for better project planning.

Managing project materials

If you would like to manage the project materials effectively, Manufacturing Materials solutions will be a great way to go about it. They will allow you to stay on top of the different solutions. Each time you rely on the inventory solutions, you will keep focused on achieving great success on various projects. Your projects will run efficiently after you turn to the inventory salutations.

Easy-to-adopt interface

The inventory tracking solutions offered at the company are easy to adopt and make your business run smoothly. The different steps that the experts have taken to develop the systems ensure the systems will run smoothly to keep your business working perfectly. See this page for more information.


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