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Alddo Molinar Aims For Quality Healthcare to His Patients

Alddo Molinar is a physician who works at the East Ohio National Hospital and the Ohio Valley Community Clinic. His skills have proven worthwhile over the years. He is a renowned anesthesiologist who was born and brought up in Texas. He attended the Texas Varsity for his Medical degree, where he had been a Mexican emigrant. Being a Mexican student in the US, his family expected him to conduct and avail himself of opportunities for a better life. Medicine had always been Alddo Molinar´s dream ever since he was in 5th grade; he could grasp most of the content faster than most people of his age at that particular time. However, the death of his grandmother from pancreatic cancer a year later motivated him to pursue his current endeavors. 

Alddo Molinar

He enrolled in medical school and eventually got a residency at the Cleveland Clinic in Texas. The Clinic gave him a basis of discipline in the field as well as high-level training. Alddo Molinar compares a typical day in the operating room to an airline where the flights are booked in advance; most of the time, a few weeks before the actual day, so are surgeries. The operating theaters first have to be cleaned together to make sure they are uncontaminated and prepare all the tools of surgery needed for that specific operation (Vitals).


The nurses have one of the most challenging tasks of making sure the patients are unconscious at the surgery. When the patient is ready for the surgery, his skills then come in handy. Precision is a critical measure in his work since a slight mistake could endanger the patient’s life. He further states that a successful operation is an accomplished day for the whole team. To clarify the purpose, Alddo Molinar believes in a well-documented mission statement. For him, it is also critical to recognize possible problems and devise a strategy for dealing with them. Inevitably, it is crucial to identify the problem to determine the core cause correctly when a setback occurs. His objective every day remains to provide the greatest possible outcome for a patient and their family as quickly as possible while making the most efficient use of your healthcare system’s resources.

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