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Tim Murawski Talks About the Commercial Success of Augmedics

Augmedics is a firm that has pioneered surgical image guidance while utilizing augmented reality. Recently, the firm managed to raise more than $36 million. Initially, the firm raised $15 million. Since the firm’s inception, Augmedics has raised more than $63 million. Tim Murawski is the current CCO (chief commercial officer) and president of the firm. Tim Murawski has managed to ensure that the firm can produce disruptive innovations in the medical technology field during his tenure. 


Some of these inventions have caught the attention of different investment firms, including Almeda Ventures and H.I.G. Capital. Amid the pandemic, investor activity was halted. There have also been delays when it comes to elective treatments, including spine surgery. Tim Murawski and his team have been forced to come up with different ways to launch their products. Tim Murawski is motivated by the continuous success of the firm. Together with his team, the main focus is on ensuring the company’s mission has been upheld. As a result, the employees are passionate about the future of the corporation and technology. The employees have mainly focused on securing the firm and ensuring that the commercial launch is successful.


The XVS (xvision spine system) was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The image guidance system can be used when performing surgery on the spinal cord. Thanks to augmented reality, Tim Murawski explains, it is possible to carry out the surgery with precision. To date, the Xvision Spine System has been used to perform spine procedures. The firm is planning to use the funds from the sale of the xvision Spine System to expand to new markets abroad, and in the U.S Augmedics is also planning to acquire CE approval to sell their products in the European market. With the xvision Spine System, the surgeons will have the information they need while performing surgery. The technology helps to boost the confidence of the surgeons.


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