Whitney Wolfe: The CEO of Bumble and a Feminist Legend

Whitney Wolfe Herd is one of the nation’s premiere CEO’s. Her claim to fame lies with the creation of the Bumble website. This online dating site has become one of the leading dating platforms in the world. Bumble is not just a dating site for people to find romance, love and even marriage. This site is also a platform for feminism and feminist causes.

Wolfe started Bumble late in 2014. She created Bumble after leaving another major dating site that she helped to get started. Wolfe was enduring a lot of problems with her former site. She was a worker for the organization that was downplayed because of her gender and disrespected sexually. Wolfe went to court against her former employer and won a huge settlement. She used that money to help start Bumble. Also, she was backed by Andrey Andreev of Badoo which is the world’s number one dating site. Follow Whitney Wolfe on Instagram for updates.

Bumble isn’t just about dating, it is something more. On Bumble, only women can approach men if they are interested in them. Men cannot do the same for women. Men have to wait for a woman’s advance. Another thing about Bumble is that it is more than just a dating site. The organization supports various feminist causes. Whitney Wolfe took the site in this direction because she needed for things to change.


Men have caused Whitney and her female supporters a lot of grief. This is one reason why she was going to start a social network for women only called Merci. However, she took to starting a dating network instead. Her Bumble site also has a feature that allows women to make friendships through the site. The all-female social network element has been integrated into Bumble. Now, women can log online to find real love and at the same time hang out with their female friends.

Bumble’s CEO is a legend and a big-time personality. She is supported and endorsed by famous media personalities. Whitney Wolfe also uses Bumble to help push the cause of feminism everywhere. She does charities, partners with professional sports teams and publishes ads all in the name of the feminist agenda. She is a married woman who truly loves her husband, but she still wants things to be better for women everywhere. She is Whitney Wolfe the living legend and CEO of Bumble.

Learn more: https://www.fastcompany.com/person/whitney-wolfe


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