The Establishments and Achievements of Fortress Investment Group

The Establishments and Achievements of Fortress Investment Group

Twenty years ago, three businessmen, Edens, Kauffman, and Nardone teamed up to come up with an investment group that would help in managing other companies. The company is based in New York City and it has been able to manage a lot of companies since it was founded. The company has entered the history of the United States’ business heroes for being the first to go public despite the fact that it was a private company. Twelve years after going public, the company had already made a lot of profits and it had acquired more than seventy-two billion dollars’ worth of property.

Brief History about Fortress’ and its Leadership

Few years after the company started, it quickly extended its investment to managing investments that were related to real-estate and offering loan securities. Fortress investment group also kept growing and taking and managing more big companies in New York City. Due to the successes that Fortress achieved by managing several companies in the United States; the company expanded to the international level. Fortress Company is now an international company that manages several companies worldwide.

The fact that Fortress investment group has the best leaders who are gifted in coming up with strategies that help the company to make more profits, the company is now ranked as the best international company that invests in various sectors of the business world. The company represents more than 1500 businessmen men all over the world who trust them to make the best out of their investments. The investment group has also won various awards including the ones that were awarded to them by the institutional investor and HFMWeek for being the best investment group in the United States.

However, Fortress investment group is currently owned by SoftBank. The investment group was sold to the SoftBank in 2010 for 3.3 billion dollars as per the Chronicles weekly. SoftBank was also established over four decades ago and it has since grown and expanded at an alarming rate due to the competence of its employees and the presence of good leadership. After buying the Fortress investment company in 2010, SoftBank is now targeting to expand the company by opening more branches in various parts of the world.

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