Decades Later, OSI Group Continues to Expand Globally

In the conventional business model, leaders pursued a single vision via the organization’s strong demand. But today, we live in a community that has undergone rapid transitions. Therefore, products and services can be rendered obsolete at one point. Other challenges involved in running a business include competition in startups as well as companies. While the managers of the past generations were tasked with the duty of executing predetermined strategies and increasing efficiency, one of the valuable assets that the current leaders have is their ability to form something new through the available resources. Otto Kolschowsy is one such leader that exuded tremendous confidence and dedication towards the creation of a company that is now famous for supplying meat and related products.

The Birth of OSI Group

OSI Group is a principal meat provider across the world. It boasts of having about 15,000 workers, 65 production facilities in approximately 17 countries. Even though it is now successful, its story is nothing close to a smooth beginning. Looking into its history, there are a few strategies that the current leaders can borrow in order to grow their companies too.

Founding OSI Group

The beginning of OSI Group is rooted to the American history. In the 20th century, Mr. Kolschowsky joined the booming German immigrants and relocated to Chicago. At that time, the group populated the area. The city was also known for being a hub of business. The immigrants established agricultural farms on the tilted land. Two years into settling in Chicago, Otto decided to start a small butcher shop in the business center. He supplied meat and animal protein products. In that decade, he handled the business well and gained client trust and later moved the company to Maywood. The following decade saw to it that Kolschowsky incorporated the use of liquid nitrogen in business. He was in a position to preserve food thereby enhancing its quality.


Otto Kolschowsky introduced his sons to the company. He entrusted them with the responsibility of ensuring that the business ran smoothly even in his absence. At the same time, he wanted to rebrand the company. That is how he hired Sheldon Lavin who was serving Chicago as a finance consultant. While rebranding, Otto named the first OSI Group. Lavin took over as the principal shareholder. That marked the beginning of a new journey for the brand. Today, OSI Group is known for providing its clients with top-notch food. Like earlier said, it has facilities across the world. It is also still expanding its horizons.

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