The Coolest,Cutest ChapStick: EOS Review!!

Congratulations to EOS lip balm for making chapstick fun and popular again! Its packaging initially screams cool and adorable as it embodies a standing egg that is usually a colored pastel or bright neon shell. That factor alone is a “trendy girl’s” dream because each outfit can be complimented with a matching EOS Lip balm. Its also the perfect purse or desk accessory opposed to the traditional “lip-stick” that we’ve used or seen in drugstores in the past years.

The actual lip balm is a ball. When applying to lips, the products rolls on smoothly without any additional residue or flakes left on the lips. A few rolls on the lips are sufficient enough to provide ideal moisture; therefore, your EOS lipbalm can have a longer chapstick life than other brands. It gives a matte, colorless finish;leaving the lips looking and feeling baby soft.

The smell of lips care is always a great feature. EOS lip balm caters to those desired features by providing different fragrances from sweet&fruity to fresher powdery scents all with hints of Shea Butter; which is the main component used to make the product.It is such a treat when your mouth water from the smell of your mouth.

EOS is also very environmentally aware and advocates healthy ingredients as the lip balm does not include any harmful parabens which is always a plus for beauty products.

These cute little “chap-eggs” are readily accessible as they can be found at most local drugstores.

Overall, EOS lip balm is a decadent smelling chapstick egg that provides helpful lip aid and improvement. More importantly, they’re the cutest,coolest trend that everyone needs and should have.

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