Dr. Saad Saad Acts Beyond His Career

Dr. Saad Saad is an experienced pediatric surgeon who is keen on children’s health without them getting hurt in the process. In his career of forty years, he has attended to more than one thousand children both infants and those in their teenage. He specializes in removing external objects from the esophagus and the trachea mostly food which gets stuck while eating and other stuff children put in their mouths. The best thing about Dr. Saad Saad is that he offers advice to parents and guardians on how to handle certain emergency issues before they even take place and how to avoid them as well. On his part, he has warned parents against leaving children unattended especially those of a younger age. This is because they pick everything they find and put them in their mouth and in most instances swallowing them. For those that cannot be swallowed, they end up getting stuck causing breathing difficulties and problems swallowing as well as wheezing. In that case, parents should look out for such signs to establish if there are such stuck objects in the children’s food pipe or windpipe.

Dr. Saad Saad advices on how to remove these objects which involves turning the child upside down and holding them by their legs. In that position, the next step is patting their back and the stuck object comes out after that impact. He warns against scooping out swallowed objects with the finger as it can cause more damage to the child and have the object get pushed further into the vital organs. In case the first aid does not work, the child can be taken to the hospital to seek further attention. While there, X-rays get done to identify the position of the swallowed objects and decide on how to get them removed. In this case, a bronchoscopy or an esophagoscopy may be performed which Dr. Saad Saad has experience in individually in his career. For the record, he invented the endoscope which gets used to assess the lungs, stomach, and esophagus of patients. Some of the objects he advises to be kept away from the reach of children entirely include batteries which when swallowed can leak acids and damage the child’s internal organs.

Dr. Saad Saad is a holder of a medical degree which he attained from the University of Cairo, Egypt. In that case, he has a rich educational background that boosts his medical activities and achievements. His invention of medical appliances like the endoscope is all in the interest of treating children painlessly. The fact that surgery is hectic in itself, he appreciates when there are optional ways to treat them other than undergoing operations. His humane character makes him stand out, a trait that has made him successful in his career of many years. Learn more: https://patch.com/new-jersey/longbranch/when-child-swallows-foreign-object-advice-dr-saad-saad


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