Dr. Rick Shinto’s Efforts towards Improving the Health Sector

Dr. Rick Shinto is the current Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health. The organization provides its patients with quality medical care. In 2016, it participated in the LAN Network. It deals with the learning of payment modes associated with the healthcare sector Moreover, it involves the private-public partnerships. Its main aim is to help the healthcare models in the US to get great payment models. LAN believes in an alternative payment system. It was started in 2015 by the US department. Its aim is to tame the private and public sectors in America.


InnovaCare’s leadership is administrative which aims at enabling the company to acquire its future goals. One of its executives is Penelope Kokkinides who is the Chief Administrative Officer. She has worked in the healthcare sector for twenty years. In addition, she has specialized in various areas namely Medicare and Medicaid.


Kokkinides understands how the medical field should be managed. While she worked in the executive department, she held senior positions. At the Centerlight Healthcare, she was its Executive Vice President. Other companies she has worked with include the Americhoice and the Touchstone Health where she held different positions. She developed and implemented a health care model while at UnitedHealth Group.


Rick Shinto studied at the University of California. He later acquired a Bachelor of Science degree. While at the State University of New York, he obtained his medical degree. He attained a master’s degree from the University of Redlands. He commenced his medical career in Southern California. He became an intern and later a pulmonologist. Later, Rick Shinto wrote medical articles that highlighted healthcare issues and clinical medicine. The success of InnovaCare Health is attributed to his good leadership. During his career at the company, he demonstrated quality leadership. He is determined to expand the company’s market into other regions.


His main aim is to improve the lives of the patients. After the company hired him in 2012, he has inspired many individuals in the healthcare section. His position as the company’s Chief Executive Officer enabled it to acquire great change. For instance, the average patient can visit the doctor at any time. The initiative has made many patients access services from the company. Furthermore, technology has made the Puerto Rican residents to access better medical care. The options offered are cheaper hence easily accessible to the residents. Before he worked at InnovaCare, Rick Shinto worked at Avetta Inc. He was awarded the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.


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