Dr. Clay Siegall & His Mission of Medical Excellence

When it comes to fighting cancer, time is of the essence. The 21st century has a huge advantage in fighting this deadly disease because this era has far more advanced technologies. Prior cancer treatments of the past were very harsh as they consisted of amputations and radical surgeries. There had to be a better way to fight the disease. Treatments like chemotherapy would make the patients feel just as sick as the illness itself. Today is a new day and Dr. Clay Siegall is leading the charge to wipeout cancer from the face of the earth.

Dr. Siegall is an “old guard” of the industry, and he has a special way of conducting business. Tons and tons of information is recorded before the release of cancer-fighting medications. Dr. Siegall just so happens to be the CEO, the president and the co-founder for one of the industries top oncology companies. Seattle Genetics is its name and saving lives is its game. The Bothell-based company specializes in developing and commercializing cancer treatments. These treatments are better known as targeted-cancer therapies. Dr. Siegall has been running the show since 1998, but he has worked with many high-profile organizations such as the National Cancer Institute, the national Institute of Health and Bristol Myers Squibb. Thanks to his business-savvy sense, he has been able to score numerous licensing deals with some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies. These companies include Bayer, Genentech, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKlien.

Seattle Genetics actually earn revenue through multiple pathways, including through the selling of its own proprietary drugs, through production partnerships and through the licensing of its technologies. With Dr. Siegall steering the ship, Seattle Genetics will only achieve more and more feats in the future. Dr. Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics is the perfect one-two punch in the cancer-research community and that’s a guaranteed fact.

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