Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s Vast Experience In Banking Earns Him A Position As The Chairman Of Bradesco Bank

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was born in Brazil in 1951 to a family of professionals in finance. His parents worked with many banking companies around Brazil which gave Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi insights and capability to work in the financial institutions. He attended the University of Sao Paulo where he earned a bachelor’s degree and later went to Penteado Foundation University for his postgraduate studies where he got his Masters in socio-psychology and Politics. During his time at school, Luiz was deeply motivated to learn how corporate world operates.

Career at Bradesco
His career began close to five decades ago when he joined Bradesco bank as an intern at the age of seventeen years. He was put on unpaid internship by the management and later promoted to become a bank clerk. The early years of his career in the banking industry were tough considering that he had no background training in banking. However, Luiz worked hard to beat all odds and emerged among the best employees.

What followed next for Luiz was a series of promotions to head various departments of Bradesco bank. His first leading role was at the marketing department fifteen years after joining the company. With his innate leadership abilities, he transformed the marketing department that resulted in an increased number of account holders and investors flocking the premises.

In 2003, Luiz was tapped to head the insurance and pensions department of the bank known as Bradesco Seguros. During that period as the CEO of Bradesco Seguros, the bank earned over 30 percent in total revenue. That achievement got him an appointment as the president of Bradesco Seguros. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is one of the few skilled professionals who put very much value on the developments of their careers. His career spans over 40 years, being one of the longest-serving professional staff in Bradesco bank.

Owing to the many years of experience he has, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has greatly contributed towards the growth of Bradesco bank by delivering better solutions to the customers of Bradesco bank. People who have had an encounter with Luiz have greatly benefited from his services, particularly when one needs to make more money with banking and insurance sector.

What He Has Achieved at Bradesco
Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been elected to many leadership positions in Bradesco, where he advanced his capabilities in the business and leadership. Through his wisdom and skills, he has always held the belief of developing sophisticated alternatives in such an institution which is unparalleled around the banking sector. Bradesco Group is one of the largest private bank companies in Brazil and is still the best private institution, particularly in its services. During Trabuco’s time as the president of Bradesco in 2009, he had created concrete plans of reducing the liabilities of over 150 million dollars that had been left behind by ItauUnibanco. Trabuco Cappi is one of the few executives in Brazil who has commanded so much respect in Brazil and around the world. He now leads the bank as the chairman. Octavio de Lazari succeeded him as the president of the bank where his appointed was affirmed during this year’s general meeting.

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