Sightsavers Aids in Disability-Inclusive Development

Since the launch of the campaign Put Us in the Picture, Sightsavers has been asking that the UK make the commitment to be the global leader of disability-inclusive development. The United Kingdom is needed to take the role of the global leader in this campaign. Across the the world, there are eighty billion people who have disabilities. Within the eighty billion people, eighty percent of these people living in developing countries. People with disabilities are often stigmatized and not given the rights and help that is needed. Sightsavers wants to help these people and make a difference across the globe.


If the UK will agree to take the role of the global leader for disability-inclusive development, then there are some steps that Sightsavers suggest they follow to help people with disabilities. There are four recommendations from Sightsavers that will help with the disability-inclusive development.


Firstly, Sightsavers suggests that people who have disabilities should be the ones who are kept in mind when decisions are being made. They should be treated fairly and given the same choices, oppurtunities and help that is given to people who do not have disabilities.


Next, Sightsavers feels that more resources need to be invested for disability-inclusive development. When helping people with disabilities, money and resources need to be readily available.


Third, Sightsavers suggests that the data gap needs to be closed. The data and statistics that is being used cannot have gaps. All of the data that is being collected should coincide with each other so that the data is knowledgeable and up to date.


Finally, Sightsavers suggests that accountabilty needs to be held. If the UK is going to help people with disabilities, they must make sure everyone is accountable for their actions and that the disabled people are given the best services possible.

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  • Dorothy Ashton

    August 14, 2018

    The call for all hands to be on deck has become paramount and members of the society most especially the elites need to come to the assistance of those with disabilities. Though has provided adequate information on the moves been made so far, the organization are really doing very well to make the society a better place.


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