Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff: A New Novel Release by Sean Penn

Sean Penn is quitting the movie world and venturing into a new level of business in writing. He has released a novel by the name “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” This new book in the air that has captured the attention of many people. The writer is an old-time actor, director, and producer. He has won numerous awards under Best Actor Academy awards. He has dropped down the acting fame with the pursuit of establishing himself in the novel industry by releasing his first book. The novel highlights the main character who is a septic tank sales person with a huge contract killer in the United States government. The book has provoked some readers who are raising issues out of it. Penn is not surprised by that as he assures that he will continue with writing. He says that his venture into writing this Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is something that he enjoys more than being on the screenplay. He has not been enjoying being in the play industry.


The novel captures very ironical situations in the American politics. It is full of the satire in the daily lives of the American people. Boob Honey works as an assassin of the United States government. The books represent Bob’s struggle with the changing culture in his country with his morals. Penn writes in the novel, and the character sees American no longer beautiful as it were when it gave birth to Bob. Penn puts across the metaphor of the real life in American in this precise way. He tackles most of the asked question in America about identify though in a comprehensive manner. Penn’s venture in the film industry began all the way in the 80s, and he decided to take a profound break from the same and do what he loves doing with passion. He does not anticipate leaving this industry any time soon. Penn discloses that the novel should not be put as an opinion piece. The issue is that many people are reading with an already formed opinion, which disrupts them from getting the main concept being addressed. He is not worried about such though.



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