Rocketship Education’s Mission to Close the Economic Disadvantage Learning Gap

The Tennessean, a newspaper located in Nashville, Tennessee, recently did an article on NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP). In the Tennessean, they discuss how Rocketship Education is successfully using MAP to help their students’ academic growth. The report goes on to detail how using MAP, a school can garner how much a student has grown during the school year. Rocketship Education believes growth scores unlike proficiency scores (which judges on what grade level a student is at in a certain point of the school year) can tell how much a student is learning over a certain time, despite where they start.

The difference between proficiency and growth, according to the Tennessean is asking, “are we there yet?” as oppose to “how far have we gone?”Additionally, over seven thousand schools throughout the world are using MAP assessments. Rocketship Public Schools are proud to have used MAP since they opened their first school. It is important to watch the growth of all students, but for economically disadvantaged students there is even more reason to use a system as MAP. The Tennessean reports that economically disadvantaged students who start school behind never catch up, according to National data.

In Nashville, where most public school students are economically disadvantaged, there is an achievement gap. For students who perform at significant low-grade levels, their academic growth will determine if he or she will catch up. However, at Rocketship United Academy, where seventy percent of the students are from economically challenged backgrounds, using the MAP system has proven that where you come from does not matter in a student’s potential. With over one hundred and forty-six Rocketeers starting out behind, by using MAP the students ended the school year at or above their grade level, according to the Tennessean.

So what is Rocketship Education? Rocketship Education is non-profit charter schools that serve disadvantaged communities nationwide. At Rocketship schools, the focus is on teachers who lead with technology-supported learning and a personalized approach that matches each student and utilizes the best method of instruction for each child.

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