Securus Technologies haggles with FCC but finally gets approval for WCS

Securus Technologies is easily the most prolific innovator in the prison space today. Having spent billions of dollars of its own money on research and development initiatives over the last 20 years, the company holds more patents than all of its competitors combined. Some of the systems that the company has designed have proven to be both groundbreaking and integral to the operation of modern prison facilities.


Securus was almost single-handedly responsible for the development of video visitation software, and its video visitation platform remains the most popular among inmates. The system has allowed inmates to stay in face-to-face contact with loved ones at rates that are not much more expensive than a home long-distance call.


The company has also been responsible for creating a suite of the most advanced security analytics ever developed. Known as JLG Investigator Pro, the system can recognize inmates by the sound of their voice over a phone line, automatically transcribe entire conversations and alert staff to any inmates using language or code words that may indicate a criminal conspiracy.


But the company’s magnum opus of new technology is quickly proving to be its Wireless Containment System, a device that is able to intercept or block 100 percent of illicit cellular calls taking place within a prison’s confines. The Wireless Containment System is actually so powerful that the FCC initially restricted its deployment only to prisons in the most rural areas. This was due to the fact that the system was powerful and effective enough to potentially disrupt cellular communications far outside the prison.


After extensive testing and tweaking, however, Securus has recently announced that it has received the full go-ahead from the FCC. The company is beginning to deploy the Wireless Containment System on a large scale to hundreds of the nation’s prisons. Given the tremendous success that the system has already demonstrated, Securus estimates that the Wireless Containment System will soon be deployed to as many as half of the nation’s prisons. Securus believes that the Wireless containment system or an equivalent system from a competitor will be installed in nearly every prison in the nation by the year 2020.


The ability of guards and administrators to completely neutralize the threat posed by contraband cellular devices is a major step forward in ensuring the safety and security of the nation’s carceral facilities. Prior to the advent of the WCS, guards relied on the haphazard and ineffective method of surprise cell raids to uncover any contraband phones. But this has never really put much of a dent in the illegal phone trade within prisons nor has it stopped dangerous gangs from using the phones to communicate with soldiers on the outside.


Now, Securus has devised a solution that will put a permanent end to these problems.


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