Meet Tony Petrello, The Highly Paid CEO With An Equally Big Heart

Tony Petrello is among the highest paid business executives in America. His huge pay pack is a reflection of how successful his oil and gas business is. Nabors Industries is the leading global oil and gas company, with large drilling rigs in America and around the world.

For him, life has not always been rosy. He grew up in a cash-strapped family and had to seek a scholarship for his studies at Yale University. He excelled in his Bachelor of Science in mathematics degree and enrolled for MS in the same university.

On completing his MS, he desired a degree in law, and he proceeded to Harvard School of Law. That opened the way for his first job at Baker & McKenzie law firm based in New York. He worked there between 1979 and 1991, and he rose to be the firm managing partner.

CEO Tony Petrello has employed the same leadership skills and commitment to building his company, Nabors Industries, which he established with his wife Cynthia in 1991. As the company’s chief operations officer, he took a bold step of opening offshore offices.

This caused an increase in the share prices of Nabors Industry by up to 180%. Today, the firm has the largest fleet of drilling rigs spread around the World.

Discovering the Alaska Prudhoe Bay Field was among the first achievements for his company. Tony Petrello also benefited greatly from the purchase of Superior Wells Services together with the company’s flacking technology.

When his daughter, Carena, was born at twenty-four weeks, she weighed only about 600 grams. Doctors discovered that she suffered from periventricular leukomalacia that caused her to develop cerebral palsy.

The family has struggled to get a cure for her since. In their struggle, they found gaps in available information on the condition. They knew that more research was needed on the condition.

Because of this, they worked with a children’s hospital in Texas to open a neurological research facility on its premises. In 2010, Tony Petrello and his wife set up the Petrello Family Foundation. The foundation helped to fund a neurological research institute within the hospital.

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    April 16, 2018

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