Fighting for the rights of others – how the frontera fund is doing it.

When the Hispanic community in Maricopa county hear the name sheriff Joe Arpioa they associate it with a man who was clearly a racist and one who had so little regard for their rights that he made it a habit of arresting them in an arbitrary manner for no reason at all.

The sheriff had served in that capacity for six terms starting in 1991 when he was first elected.

He was then to declare himself Americas toughest sheriff in regard to immigration. This meant that the Hispanic community in his vicinity suffered most when he decided to inflict himself on them. He would make random arrests supported by no legal basis and this was one of the worst experiences that members of the Hispanic community would ever go through.

He was not a man who valued criticism and he viewed anyone who challenged him as a treat and as such dealt with them as such. Jim Larkin and Michel Lacey were however broad journalists who did not care much for the sheriff and were constantly reporting through there publication the phoenix new times on his antics within the community.

These revelations coupled with others that touched on his integrity based on how he conducted and run the sheriffs office would always anger him.

When the final article that disclosed that the sheriff was seeking the permission of a grand jury to enable him to get information about the editors of the media houses as well as other personal information the sheriff decided that he had had enough. Sheriff Joe Arpaio decided that it was time he used his usual tactic to silence the two. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

What the sheriff did not realize is that this would be the beginning of the end for him. The arrest happened at midnight and was done in the company of his deputies. The arrest was made based on no reasonable grounds which meant that the charges could not hold and as such the sheriff had no business detaining the duo and was forced to release them.

The charges that had been previously placed on them were dropped and subsequently, the two were free men. The duo, however, argued that there first amendment right, as well as there human rights, had been abused. This meant that they were in a position to sue the Maricopa County sheriff for the violation of this constitutionally protected right.

The case escalated to the 9th circuit court of appeals where the duo won the case when the judge ruled that indeed there first amendment rights were violated. In fact, the judge found that the arrest had been made based on no reasonable ground and as such the two would have to be compensated for what they had gone through in the hands of the sheriff.

The 3.75million settlement is what served as the seed money for the Frontera fund a fund that specializes in defending the interest of migrants especially those of the Hispanic community.This conviction has helped this community find a place for restitution whenever they feel their rights have been violated.

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