The Role of an Ambassador Inspired by Daniel Taub

There is a lot of pride in being an ambassador. You get to represent your country. As an ambassador, you explore another foreign country and see what they do differently from your state. You are the medium between the countries. This may be, however, not as fun as it appears especially for an individual with a rigid mind. This is because they are compulsory sacrifices that you need to make. You have to live in a different country. This means adopting a new life and a new environment. It also means being able to learn new policies and beliefs of the state in which you are representing your country.

Daniel Taub, an ambassador of Israel to Britain has made a big difference between the two countries. This is because of the knowledge in the field. He has represented Israel in many legal settings. It is interesting to note that Daniel Taub was born in Britain. 30 years ago, he moved to Israel.

Daniel Taub has led to a tremendous economic era of the two states. The current bilateral trade between the two countries is valued at $7 million. This has been possible because of the great diplomatic relationship between the states. These have benefited the citizens of the two states.

The Israeli are happy to have a chance to outsource their products. This means a large market, which is one factor that leads to a successful business. The Israeli investors have set 300 businesses in Britain.

The citizens of Britain are the primary beneficiaries of the scheme. This is because they enjoy quality products and a great variety of products. The competition that the products have brought about has also led to fair prices. Some citizens have also had a chance to work at the firms. The good relationship between the countries has been a benefit to both states.

During his farewell party, Daniel Taub is happy to see the change that the two states have had in their relationship. This was his primary goal when he undertook the job. He says that the cooperation between the two countries made his work easy and his experience worthwhile. This was to correct the people who say his role as tedious and described it as being between a tug of war. Britain is the most prominent state globally, Taub is honored to have been on the council that helped solve the differences between the two states.


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