OCC Architecture Students Get a Firsthand View Towards Building for the Future

There is never a lack of constructive prospects for learning at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California. Sometimes, the strong local community generates these opportunities. OCC supports the important value of community outreach at every opportunity. Last Friday, a group of OCC students was able to experience such a connection.



An example of these strong ties to local business, De-Nova Homes division president Alan Toffoli recently spoke to over 40 Orange Coast architecture students. After sharing some insightful details to help prospective housing designers, De-Nova welcomed the students for a tour of two model homes.



Students were able to appreciate how their studies were important to the ambitions of any local community they become a part. The group was exposed to lavish 2,000 square foot homes that incorporated three eloquent floor plans. Viewing the residence models of De-Nova, students could appreciate how architecture blends with the traditional architectural mood of a community.



The OCC students witnessed firsthand how the Costa Mesa community continues to provide the aesthetic appearance that keeps the area a vibrant part of the Southern California coast. Orange Coast College students constantly receive such valuable chances to see how their academic goals will influence their pursuits as adults. Learn more: http://www.latimes.com/socal/daily-pilot/news/tn-dpt-me-occ-planetarium-20170711-story.html



De-Nova is one of numerous chances that OCC gives students to benefit from a unified commitment from Costa Mesa business professionals. There is community support for OCC academic programs, athletic teams and one-on-one mentoring programs to help students individually prepare for their future.



Building a strong educational foundation attending a small college setting is very appealing. Orange Coast College offers an attractive small campus situation to help students meet their goals. In addition, students can enjoy the climate-friendly aura of Southern California. OCC has a vivacious campus environment with an array of clubs and organizations.



Orange Coast College is a great school with talented faculty and students. However, OCC offers more than just an accredited learning atmosphere, that’s part of the California State College and University system. There is always a chance to step beyond the conventional education at OCC and like the architecture students, experience real-life opportunities on a daily basis.

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