Eli Gershkovitch: CEO of Steamworks Craft Breweries

Regular beer drinkers will probably not stop looking for the most effervescent and refreshing beers. This frothy beverage is the oldest and widely desired alcoholic beverage globally, and the third most well-liked after water and tea. There are over 32, 000 beers worldwide and greater than 90 categories in the form of ale, lager and mixed. Beer-brewing has been a craft for hundreds of years.


Craft Beer and other Varieties


Craft beer is a different variety that large breweries do not produce. Craft beer accounted for around 10% of Canada’s beer market two years ago. In fact, the craft or microbrewery industry has been growing relatively fast (CalgaryHerald). There used to be only 88 beer-fermenting companies in this country in 2006. However, this number went up to 520 in 2015.


Well, there are other beers like Spruce beer flavored with the extract from spruce trees that belongs to the coniferous evergreen species. Canadian spruce is not always alcoholic but soda like root beer which is sparkling, stimulating, and tastes like pine. Spruce beer originated in New France during the 16th century.


Ice Beer also came from Canada and similar to Germany’s Eisbock with higher alcoholic content compared to conventional brands and sold at lower retail prices. Cream ale is a derivative of light lager from North America and brewed according to the likings of individual brewers. The color is pale and heavily carbonated.


In many regions of Canada, the prevalent brews are macro pale lager beers like Labatt Blue and Molson Canadian together with lager ales like Alexander Keith’s and Molson Export. Favorite craft beers include Pump House Blueberry Ale and Propeller IPA.




An eccentric entrepreneur and founder of the Steamworks group of Companies, Eli Gershkovitch, was one of those nonconformist businessmen who helped place Canadian craft beer in the global market. This enterprising person is not like flamboyant CEOs of large conglomerates. Eli Gershkovitch is informal and more like a blue-collar worker, but he slowly built a massive brewing empire.

Eli Gershkovitch was among the leading nominees at the 2017 United States Open Beer Championship. Some 6, 000 beers competed for accolades and prices. Canada was the host country while participants came from the United States, Australia, Belgium, England, and Venezuela.


Eli Gershkovitch launched his first brewpub in Gastown, Vancouver in 1995. It was the first and single establishment that featured steam-powered brewing. There were many legal issues in opening this kind of business in Canada but being an attorney, Eli Gershkovitch was able to hurdle problems and managed to patent his innovative brews.


As a resourceful and perceptive business person, Eli Gershkovitch observed how craft beer gradually became a hot commodity in the world market. The lawyer-entrepreneur traveled around Europe and studied the evolving landscape in beer brewing and drinking. He toured the first microbrewery in Heidelberg (Germany) and tasted various concoctions that were very different from ordinary draft flavors in Canada.


Eli still prioritized his legal profession, but he always remembered his incredible experiences in European countries which led to his emergence as a prominent and ground-breaking brew master in Canada.

More about Eli Gershkovitch onĀ http://www.montrealgazette.com/life/Gershkovitch+owner+Steamworks+brew+Vancouver+with+1948+Plymouth+Special+Deluxe+Woody+station+wagon/8035571/story.html


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