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Richard Blair founded Wealth Solutions. To this day, he is its President and CEO. In other words, Wealth Solutions is his baby.


This business is one of its kind, particularly among Austin, Texas residents, where the company and Blair are respectively based. Asset protection, credit solutions, financial management and more are offered throughout the company. Many especially praise the company’s asset advisory solutions and team as they are both some of the best in town. The company’s asset team consists of solid leaders with plenty of background knowledge and experience in asset management: Regardless of how dire your present situation may look, give these experts a shot to look over your information, and you’ll find that there’s usually a 95-percent chance that they can come up with a valid solution and in the timeliest manner possible; that’s right – these top qualified experts like to give you their very best while not wasting your time. Learn more:



Wealth Solutions holds a unique educational series that few other similar businesses can offer. It offers modules, notifications, emails and even panel reviews for people to better learn this business and its many ins and outs while not getting entangled with all the complicated aspects. The training and review are simple yet thorough and may all be found online. One may also take these lessons by week, month or quarter.


Money, lifestyle, taxes, investments and insurance topics are all covered here. One may also read plenty of blog articles on the many subjects by going to the main website: All blog articles are both free to view and share; they are written by some of the best experts in the business. Therefore, you can rest assured that your time is not being wasted here either. The website even holds and online glossary of relevant terms for any to learn, especially those new to the business. Learn more:


Wealth Solutions can offer a valued Adjustable Rate Mortgage – or ARM – to certain customers who qualify with exceptional standing. What people love the most about this service, especially clients, is the periodical index adjustment that occurs throughout it, not to mention the lower interest rates over the usual fixed-mortgage options that it can offer. The lender, in this case being Wealth Solutions, can also transfer a bit of the risk over to the borrower, making more things possible; as rates rise, so may variable mortgages, in turn. Learn more:


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