How Nick Vertucci Flipped His Way To Success

Millionaire Nick Vertucci’s life would be very different if he had not attended a real estate seminar with a friend. Vertucci, like so many other entrepreneurs, struggled after the dot com crash. After attending the seminar, Nick Vertucci realized that he had invested in his company before, not his future.

Realizing that the seminar did not contain enough information for novices, Nick Vertucci studied real estate for 10 years before he developed a system that would make him a millionaire. Realizing that other people were in the same desperate financial situation that he was in before, Vertucci vowed to help them. He established The Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc., which included the NV Real Estate Academy. At the NV Real Estate Academy, students learn Vertucci’s Fortunes in Flipping system and Nick Vertucci and his team of educators teach students everything need to know about investing in real estate according to Twitter.

One of the myths that people hold is that you have to be wealthy to invest in real estate, however, the NV Real Estate Academy shows individuals how to use their retirement accounts to earn tax deferred income on Learning how to use other people’s money for financing houses and their repair is part of the course as well.

Another myth that holds people back from investing is that they believe that they have to start purchasing real estate in their early 20’s to succeed. Nick Vertucci is a retired police officer who operated a computer parts business before he started his new career.

Simply enrolling at the NV Real Estate Academy is not enough for people to become millionaires like Vertucci. He had drive, dedication and a family to support. Individuals who enroll need to take what they have learned about locating properties and finding funding and then start flipping houses to become successful in the real estate investing industry at

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